Kinofelis Programme Implementation Manual

Instructional material | 26 March 2018
This Programme Implementation Manual (PIM) is a key reference document for the design, implementation, monitoring and reporting of the Greek government’s Kinofelis public work programme. The main purpose is to provide guidelines in all aspects of the programme. It is mainly written for government institutions.

The manual comprises two main parts. The first part, sections 1 to 4, includes some background on the programme. It provides an overview of the aims of the programme as well as the responsibilities of the different government departments implementing it. It also covers the legal framework and stages of the programme cycle. The second part, chapters 5 to 9, focuses on the practical operational aspects of the programme, providing working guidelines for people implementing it. It details the administrative procedures that must be followed. It also takes people through the steps for project selection and registration; the application process including entry and exit sessions for beneficiaries; training opportunities; and the rights and obligations of beneficiaries. Finally, it provides guidance on how some specific activities or procedures can be improved or made more efficient.