Portfolio of policy guidance notes on the promotion of decent work in the rural economy

The portfolio of policy guidance notes illustrates the ILO’s holistic approach to promoting decent work in the rural economy and brings together the broad range of instruments and tools developed over the past years.

The goal of the policy guidance notes is to offer guidance to policymakers, the social partners and development practitioners on ways to effectively address employment- and labour-related issues in the rural context.

The portfolio should lead to concrete action to ensure that account is taken of the key role of decent work in paving the way for social and economic advancement in rural areas, and should ultimately enable the ILO and its constituents to assist countries in factoring decent work priorities into rural development plans and policies.


Supporting inclusive agricultural growth for improved livelihoods and food security
Promoting economic diversification and triggering productive transformation for rural employment
Promoting access to services, protection and employment-intensive investment
Ensuring sustainability and harnessing the benefits of natural resources
Increasing the voice of rural people through organization and the promotion of rights, standards and social dialogue
Improving the knowledge base on decent work in the rural economy