Tools and Services on Social Protection Floor


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    Assessment tool: Inter-agency (SPIAC-B) Social Protection Assessment tools ISPA on Core Diagnostics (CODI)

    08 August 2017

  2. Web page

    Universal Social Protection, 2016

    08 August 2017

  3. Web page

    Inclusive Social Protection for Persons with Disabilities

    08 August 2017

  4. Web page

    Inter-agency (11 agencies) KSP: Social Protection and Human Rights Platform; 2015

    08 August 2017

  5. Web page

    Course: (E-learning) G20 E-Learning Platform on Social Protection; 2014

    08 August 2017

  6. Web page

    Course: (Turin) Academy on Social Security

    08 August 2017

  7. Web page

    KSP: Social Protection Platform

    08 August 2017

  8. Web page

    Social security inquiry database

    08 August 2017

  9. ILO Research paper No. 19

    Foreign trade barriers and jobs in global supply chains

    29 March 2017

    This paper aims to contribute to a better understanding of how trade and trade policies shape job creation and destruction across countries in the context of a globally fragmented production, by considering manufacturing and services jobs separately. The analysis takes into account not only tariff and non-tariff barriers to goods trade, but also barriers to services trade.

  10. Report III (Part 1B)

    General Survey on the occupational safety and health instruments concerning the promotional framework, construction, mines and agriculture

    08 February 2017