Tools and Services on Health and Safety at the Workplace


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    Toolkit: Tools to assess workplace compliance

    08 August 2017

    8 country specific tools that measure workplace compliance in garment factories, based on core conventions and national labour law

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    Conference proceeding: ILO–AICESIS Cooperation agreement and annual international conference on the role of economic and social councils and similar institutions (AICESIS) for the promotion of social dialogue and a theme of DWA

    08 August 2017

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    Database: Compendium of court decisions

    08 August 2017

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    Course: Rural Economy Academy, 2017

    08 August 2017

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    Database: International System on International Labour Standards (NORMLEX)

    08 August 2017

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    Training curriculum: Collective bargaining - a policy guide (2017)

    08 August 2017

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    Journal / Special Issue: What future for industrial relations? (2015) (E)

    08 August 2017

  8. Publication

    CRISIS AND TURKEY: Impact Analysis of Crisis Response Measures

    08 August 2017

  9. Publication

    Promoting Collective Bargaining:Collective Bargaining Convention, 1981 (No. 154), Collective Bargaining Recommendation, 1981 (No. 163)

    08 August 2017

  10. Electronic library on labour administration and inspection and occupational safety and health

    e-labadminOSH 2017: USB Card

    12 July 2017

    Everything you want to know about occupational safety and health, as well as labour administration and labour inspection, in two clicks, with intuitive navigation and an user-friendly trilingual interface.