Tools and Services on National Employment Policies


  1. Full Report

    Labour Market Inventory ASEAN 2010-15: Labour market policy in an age of increasing economic integration

    16 November 2018

    The third inventory studies the extent to which the increasing levels of economic integration among ASEAN member states have been paralleled by a higher level of coordination when it comes to labour market policy. It is a result of a collaboration between the ILO, the OECD Development Centre and the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs, and was concluded in December of 2018.


  1. Web page

    Interventions to Improve Labour Market Outcomes of Youth: A Systematic Review

    01 December 2017

  2. Issue Brief no. 1 - Labour Relations and Collective Bargaining

    Trends in collective bargaining coverage: stability, erosion or decline?

    01 November 2017

    Collective bargaining over wages and other working conditions between unions and employers is a key labour market institution in democratic societies. The coverage and impact of this institution varies over time and across countries. This policy brief examines differences in collective bargaining coverage for 75 countries.

  3. Instructional material

    Brief: Creating an enabling environment for inclusive insurance

    09 August 2017

  4. Instructional material

    Labour Issues in Urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture: Information and Resource Guide

    09 August 2017

  5. Publication

    Active Solidarity Income-Providing income security and supporting return to work: France

    09 August 2017

  6. Publication

    Universal social protection for children: Argentina

    09 August 2017

  7. Publication

    Can productivity in SMEs be increased by investing in workers’ health? Taking stock of findings on health protection of workers in small and medium-sized enterprises and their impacts on productivity

    09 August 2017

  8. Web page

    Course: Making Microfinance Work (MMW) Programme; Insurance related courses for insurers and distribution channels

    08 August 2017

  9. Web page

    Report: Impact Insurance Facility - Annual Report 2016

    08 August 2017