Good Practice

Business opportunities and support services (BOSS) - Final evaluation

Project documentation | 24 October 2017
Contact(s): CO-Jakarta
Good Practice Description

The BOSS project took a facilitation approach to implementation, working to catalyse systemic change among stakeholders rather than delivery a direct service or input. A facilitation approach optimizes sustainability of interventions, with key local actors leading important functions under the guidance of the project, building capacity to carry forward those functions after the project timeframe. BOSS’s value chain work used facilitation to promote and incentivise change through market actors, such as cattle owners, slaughterhouse operators, and butchers in the beef value chain. The BOSS team was embedded directly with its main counterpart, IADE, in order to facilitate the development of new services and overall institutional capacity building by working alongside the IADE team. BOSS’s Exit Strategy emphasised building agency among the counterpart and private-sector partners to carry its initiatives forward far beyond the project. Broad recommendations are made in the Exit Strategy for BOSS’s value chain work, and more extensive recommendations are made to facilitate sustainability of BDS, including a commercialisation strategy for IADE, improving knowledge management within IADE, and sustained coordination and cooperation with current and potential partners.