Disability Inclusion in Economic Empowerment Strategies: Webinar

How to foster inclusion of persons with disabilities in rural economies

News | 27 October 2020
In Africa, most people must make a living through a variety of subsistence activities. According to the International Labour Organization, almost 80 percent of people in Africa work informally.In this webinar panellists took a closer look at how persons with disabilities can be included in strategies to support people to find a pathway out of poverty. They related this to the present livelihood challenges that persons with disabilities are facing as a result of COVID 19 induced economic recession.

The panellists looked at 3 major elements in different presentations:
  • Mainstreaming disability in livelihood interventions – The case of Uganda: Disability inclusive programming in practice
  • Leverage technology and innovation – Human-centred design to improve the livelihoods of farmers with disabilities
  • Pathways to enhance access to finance – Financial empowerment through inclusive saving and credit groups

Texts from Q&A and Chat box here