Publications on Disability and work


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    Achieving equal employment opportunities for people with disabilities through legislation. Guidelines

    13 December 2007

    These guidelines reflect the reappraisal of disability as a human rights issue. Intended for policy-makers and drafters of legislation, they have been developed with a view to assisting in improving the effectiveness of national laws concerning training and employment of disabled persons, as part of an ILO Project "The Employment of People with Disabilities: The impact of Legislation". This project aims to enhance the capacity of governments of selected countries to implement effective legislation on the employment of people with disabilities - either in the form of laws, or revisions to existing laws, or through the development of regulations or policies to implement laws. The project also provides technical assistance to selected national governments in implementing necessary improvements to their laws. These drafting guidelines are a valuable tool to support this technical advisory role.

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    The employment situation of people with disabilities: Towards improved statistical information

    30 November 2007

    This guide highlights basic knowledge from the fields of labour and disability statistics which has to be combined for a comprehensive description of the employment situation of people with disabilities. It will be of great relevance to worldwide countries as they work to promote and monitor equal employment opportunities for disabled persons. It provides information on current standards and definitions in the fields of employment and disability, as well as descriptions of good practices related to the compilation of statistics on the employment situation of people with disabilities, so that better data on this topic can be produced. It is directed to countries wishing to gather or improve such statistics in order to meet policy needs and it is an attempt to bring together all relevant information in this field. Its main objective is to inform users on current state of national methodologies for the compilation of statistics on the employment situation of people with disabilities; standards and definitions for the measurement of different sub-groups of the economically active population; concepts and methods for the measurement of disability; and useful sources and survey questions on disability.

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    The right to decent work of persons with disabilities

    30 November 2007

    This publication provides an invaluable overview of the principal international legal instruments, policies and initiatives of relevance to the rights of people with disabilities, with a particular focus on employment and work. It focuses on the different options available to people with disabilities who wish to work in open/competitive employment, sheltered employment, supported employment and social enterprises and examines the trends in each of these categories, highlighting the key issues faced in each case.

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    Facts on Disability in the World of Work

    21 November 2007

    One of every 10 people in the world has a disability — some 650 million worldwide. Approximately 470 million are of working age.


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    The employment relationship. Report 95 V (2A)

    08 March 2006

    Compiles the replies of governments and of employers' and workers' organizations to a questionnaire on the employment relationship. Includes the ILO's evaluation in view of a proposed Recommendation.

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    Job and work analysis. Guidelines on identifying jobs for persons with disabilities

    15 February 2006

    Provides advice to placement officers on how to find meaningful employment for people with disabilities. Highlights the process of job and work analysis.


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    Unlocking Potential: A Multinational Corporation Roundtable on Disability and Employment, Asia and the Pacific, Proceedings of the Meeting

    06 July 2005


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    Assisting disabled persons in finding employment. A practical guide (Asian and Pacific edition).

    19 January 2004

    Intended for vocational guidance and placement personnel in governmental and non-governmental employment services, provides general advice on helping job-seekers with disabilities.


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    Statistics on the employment situation of people with disabilities: A Compendium of national methodologies

    01 November 2003

    This Compendium describes the methodologies currently in use in 95 countries to compile statistics on employment status in conjunction with disability.

  2. Publication

    Fundamental rights at work and international labour standards

    29 April 2003

    Offers a detailed description of the relevant Conventions and their principles, along with specific problems encountered in their application at national level.