UNTFSSE marks the 10th Anniversary of the SSE Law in Quebec, Canada

The 10th anniversary of the Social Economy Law of Quebec was celebrated at the National Assembly in Quebec City with the participation of UN agency representatives, OECD and international dignitaries.

News | 11 October 2023
Following the 4th Technical Symposium in Montreal, the UN Inter-Agency Task Force on the Social and Solidarity Economy celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Social Economy Law at the National Assembly in Quebec City. From the UNTFSSE Members, the ILO, UNCTAD, UNRISD, and OECD were present. Observers’ representatives who joined the celebrations came from RIPESS, GSEF, and SE Forum. In addition, government representative of Senegal and France attended the event.

Chantal Line Carpentier, Co-Chair of the UNTFSSE and a Quebec native, spoke on the global momentum around the SSE including through the ILC Resolution, the OECD Recommendations, the UNGA Resolution on promoting the SSE for sustainable development and regional strategies in the EU and the AU.

Ms. Carpentier noted the role of the UNTFSSE, which is also celebrating its tenth anniversary in 2023, in advancing the SSE within the UN system. She stated that Quebec has recognized the value of the SSE and put in place policies, programmes, and other measures that provide an enabling environment for SSE entities. She underlined the commitment of the Task Force to continue collaboration and cooperation with the governmental and SSE movement partners in Quebec and from around the world.

Key priorities moving forward include: helping more Member States put in place enabling policies and legislation, working with the Development Banks to enhance financing for SSE enterprises, and helping the UN SG prepare the progress report for Fall 2024 (as mandated in the Resolution). Good practices, informed by the Quebec SSE Ecosystem will serve as a model and inspiration for future initiatives.