ILO DG Houngbo provides a video message for the opening session of the OECD conference on the Social and Solidarity Economy

The OECD event on “Inclusion, innovation and inspiration: Shaping our future with the social and solidarity economy” took place on March 20-21, in person in Paris and online.

News | 20 March 2023
The conference brought together policy makers, practitioners, and experts to focus on the transformative power of the social and solidarity economy (SSE) to improve economic outcomes, through innovative business models that build social cohesion and resilience in times of crises and transitions. Participants benefited from hearing from global thought leaders on the SSE; Contribute to reflections on future policy agendas in relation to important topics such as the green transition and digitalisation and Connect with peers from around the world. The Summit brought together over 150 partners from the 33 target countries (European Union countries, Brazil, Canada, India, Mexico, Korea, and the United States) and beyond.

In his video message, the ILO Director-General Gilbert Houngbo noted that the SSE is receiving global policy recognition for the role it plays in priority areas such as crises response, transition from the informal economy, decent work in supply chains, care economy, platform economy and just transition. He shared with the participants that the 110th session of the International Labour Conference in June last year held a general discussion on decent work and the social and solidarity economy. He also underlined that this first high-level discussion of its kind within the UN system led to the adoption of a resolution on the topic. He also pointed out to the Global Coalition for Social Justice, which is envisioned to have a wide range of partners, to create global momentum to contribute to the reduction and prevention of inequalities. He concluded by noting that having SSE representative organizations participate in the global coalition could help contribute to build just, sustainable, and resilient societies to achieve lasting peace.

The Sessions of the OECD event can be watched here.