Promotion of Organizations and Mechanisms of Social and Solidarity Economy (‘PROMESS’) in Tunisia

The main objective of this project is the creation of sustainable and decent jobs for youth people in Tunisia through the promotion of organizations and mechanisms of the social and solidarity economy. PROMESS will assist the Tunisian government, social partners and civil society in establishing a conductive legal and institutional environment for social and solidarity economy in Tunisia. The project will continue and upscale the successful rural youth employment initiatives implemented under the DEPART project (Dutch funded project on LED) in the Le Kef governorate, and replicate those in three additional governorates, thus covering the entire North West region. Moreover, PROMESS will make its expertise, strategies and tools available to other development projects promoting social and solidarity economy organizations and mechanisms in Tunisia. The project will support not less than 50 SSE organizations per governorate, and create not less than 1,000 jobs and livelihoods per governorate over the project’s lifetime.