News, stories and statements on cooperatives

  1. Our impact, Their voices

    Free from debt and bonded labour in Sri Lanka’s fisheries

    01 November 2017

    ILO's project helps free fishermen from debt bondage and supports livelihoods.

  2. News

    The ILO participates in the 4th World Forum on Local Economic Development to discuss roles of SSE in achieving SDGs at local level

    31 October 2017

  3. News

    ILO COOP eNewsUpdate No. 9, October 2017

    31 October 2017

    This latest issue of the ILO COOP Newsletter highlights a number of recent events and developments on cooperatives.

  4. Spotlight Interviews with Cooperators

    Rokin Labour Banks: Financial cooperatives for workers in Japan

    31 October 2017

    "Spotlight Interviews with Cooperators" is a series of interviews with cooperative leaders from around the world with whom ILO officials have crossed paths during the course of their work with cooperatives. For this issue ILO interviewed Mr Toshihiro Akahori, Deputy General Manager, Planning and International Department of National Association of Labour Banks (NALB) in Japan. Prior to joining NALB in 2015, he worked at Shizuoka Rokin Labour Bank in Shizuoka Prefecture from 1997 to 2015.

  5. News

    National gathering of cooperation in Japan toward sustainable future

    27 October 2017

    Japan’s National Gathering of Cooperation brought together close to 1000 participants to share good practices of cooperation toward building a sustainable society.

  6. News

    Looking at the past and the future of My.Coop

    23 October 2017

    On 13 October, 2017 Agriterra, ITC-ILO and the Cooperatives Unit of the ILO met in Geneva to discuss the findings of a stocktaking study on My.Coop training package for agricultural cooperatives, with a view to enable more cooperatives to benefit from its use.

  7. News

    Trade unions and producer organizations join forces to tackle child labour in agriculture

    20 October 2017

    In September 2017 over 20 representatives of rural workers’ trade unions, national trade union centres, and small producers’ organizations, including cooperatives, from 13 countries in Africa convened in Ghana. The purpose of the workshop was to discuss ways in which child labour can be sustainably eradicated in agriculture and rural economy at large in line with the Sustainable Development Goal indicator 8.7 on ending child labour in all its forms.

  8. News

    G7 Labour and Employment Ministers’ Declaration refers to cooperatives

    20 October 2017

  9. News

    The 9th edition of the ILO Social and Solidarity Economy Academy in Luxembourg

    06 October 2017

    The 9th edition of the ILO SSE Academy took place in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg from 25-29 September 2017. Over 120 participants from more than 30 countries participated in this Academy which focused on the Future of Work and exchanged experiences, best practices and challenges.

  10. Our impact, their voices

    How Peruvian quinoa farmers have boosted their income

    04 October 2017

    The Andean Grains Programme – a joint ILO-FAO-UNESCO initiative – not only improved the livelihoods of organic quinoa producers but also contributed to the economic empowerment of women.