News, stories and statements on cooperatives

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    The new landmark recommendation recognises cooperatives’ role toward building peace and resilience

    26 June 2017

    The 106th ILC adopted the Employment and Decent Work for Peace and Resilience Recommendation, 2017 (No. 205) which includes reference to the role of cooperatives and other social economy initiatives.

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    Call for expression of interest: Study on the use of statistics of cooperatives in development plans

    26 June 2017

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    Promoting social inclusion through social and solidarity economy

    23 June 2017

    On June 1st, the ILO participated and presented in the "Conference on the Role of the Social and Solidarity Economy in Reducing Social Exclusion" in Budapest on the institution's ongoing work on social and solidarity economy.

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    Domestic workers in Trinidad and Tobago develop a business plan for their cooperative

    22 June 2017

    On May 12 to 13, the ILO organised a workshop with domestic workers and their union in Trinidad and Tobago to develop a business plan for their cooperative. The workshop used the C-BED methodology, a low cost, action-based and participatory group learning approach designed by the ILO to help entrepreneurs and micro-business owners in planning and improving their businesses.

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    Vacancy: Internship on decent work self-assessment tool for cooperative enterprises

    21 June 2017

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    Highlights of an Interview with Jean Louis Bancel at the 106th ILC

    13 June 2017

    Jean Louis Bancel, the recently elected Cooperatives Europe President, participated in the 106th International Labour Conference representing the International Cooperative Alliance. ILO COOP talked with Jean Louis who is also the President of Credit Cooperative, a cooperative bank in France, and the President of Coop France. Below are highlights from that conversation ranging from the relation between cooperatives and the social economy to the changing world of work.

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    Reflecting on the relevance of cooperatives to the topics of discussion at the 106th ILC

    12 June 2017

    On the second day of the 106th International Labour Conference, the COOP Unit was invited to make a presentation to the African government group on the relevance of cooperatives and other social and solidarity economy enterprises with regard to the main topics of discussion at the conference.

  8. Spotlight on Cooperatives

    First women-only plumbers’ cooperative in Jordan

    12 June 2017

    Women plumbers’ cooperative in Jordan provides plumbing and repair services to households while also raising awareness among Jordanian women to improve water and energy management in their homes.

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    ILO joined ICA Africa ministerial meeting to discuss partnerships in advancing SDGs

    08 June 2017

    The ILO participated in the ICA Africa Cooperative Ministerial Conference Midterm Review which took place on May 23-26 in Casablanca, Morocco. The ILO presentations focused on the role of cooperatives in rural development and the work of the ILO with cooperatives and other social and solidarity economy enterprises in Africa.

  10. COOP Champions

    Rasha El-Shurafa, ILO Representative Office in Jerusalem

    05 June 2017

    COOP Champions features ILO colleagues from around the world working on cooperatives and other social and solidarity economy enterprises. It highlights their contributions, and shares highlights of their experiences, current work, and future aspirations.