An information service from ILO: Cooperative Information (1924 – 1977)

Cooperative Information was a bulletin produced by the Cooperatives Unit of the ILO between 1924 to 1977. It was initially envisioned as a quarterly, although it came out less frequently in later years. Each issue was more than 100 pages in English, French, and German and also on occasion in Spanish. Across the 54 years that it was produced, the bulletin covered country and sector-specific articles on cooperatives and proceedings of cooperative specific conferences. In later years it also came out with supplements on the state of cooperative development in specific subregions such as Sub-Saharan Africa. It was sent free of charge to ILO constituents, cooperative organizations, and research institutions upon request. Although the issues from1924 to 1927 are no longer available, those between 1928 to 1934 can be access through the ILO Library stacks. The issues from 1935 onwards can be viewed online through here.