An Update on ILO COOP 100 Interview Series

Noticia | 25 de agosto de 2020
An oral history initiative, ILO COOP 100 Interview series features past and present colleagues and partners who have contributed to and collaborated with the ILO on advancing cooperatives and the wider social and solidarity economy (SSE) enterprises. The interviews reflect on their experience and contributions in the past and shares their thoughts on the future of cooperatives and the SSE in a changing world of work. They are available in text and as video along with photos. A total of 24 interviews have been conducted to date with co-operators from Asia (5), Africa (3), Europe (13) and the Americas (3). Only seven among them worked as ILO staff. For the month of August interviews with Giuseppe Guerini, Akira Kurimoto and Alex Soho are featured with more interviews on their way.