An Update on the ILO COOP 100 Photo Exhibit Submissions

Noticia | 25 de agosto de 2020
The ILO launched a call for photos toward a series of ILO COOP 100 Photo Exhibitions to commemorate the 100th anniversary of its Cooperatives Unit (COOP). Following the deadline for submission (June 22), a total of 379 photos were received from 37 organizations in 33 countries across five continents. The photos underwent a selection process based on a number of criteria including relevance to the themes, geographical representativeness, and capturing elements of mutualism, solidarity and self-help. Decisions regarding selected photos will be communicated to all participants shortly. The photo exhibitions will take place at the ILO headquarters in Geneva, and other ILO offices around the world. They will also be made available virtually through the ILO website and social media channels. In addition, submitted photos will be featured in future publications and communications from the ILO, all the while making sure creators are correctly credited for their work.