Industrial Relations Data (IRData)

The IRData covers two key elements of industrial relations: trade unions and collective bargaining. It includes data on trade union density and collective bargaining coverage. It is a compilation of data collected annually by the ILO, by national correspondents and by Jelle Visser (ICTWSS). It can be accessed at: /ilostat.

Latest Issue Brief: Visser, J. Hayter, S. and Gammarano, R. 2015. Trends in collective bargaining coverage: Stability, erosion or decline? Labour Relations and Collective Bargaining Policy Brief No. 1. ILO, Geneva.

International guidelines

For data to be robust and comparable, they need to be based on a common understanding of what it is we are measuring. A methodological framework for collecting and computing statistics on trade union density and collective bargaining (2013) was discussed by the 19th International Conference of Labour Statisticians. Based on this, the ILO has initiated a process to harmonize the collection of indicators on trade union density and collective bargaining coverage.

Methodological guides

Other ILO databases

  • Statistics on trade union membership (63 countries) taken from official national statistical publications:
UNIONS 2014: Trade Union Membership Statistics Database (xls)

UNIONS 2014: Methodological Note - Trade Union Membership Database

Other databases