Decent Work Supply Chain Survey - Pilot on the electronics supply chain in Viet Nam

The survey aims to produce high-quality, replicable data on supply chains to identify decent work deficits as well as provide critical information to create more and better opportunities for employment and growth.

In March 2023, the ILO launched a five-year strategy on decent work in supply chains. The strategy places a strong emphasis on establishing a “robust evidence base” on decent work in supply chains, including the collection of sex-disaggregated data on labour conditions along supply chains. The strategy makes specific reference to using innovative methodologies to map decent work at all supply chain tiers and to apply the data generated to inform policymaking.

In alignment with the ILO strategy, the ILO FUNDAMENTALS Branch developed the Decent Work Supply Chain Survey (DW-SCS) methodology to obtain higher quality and replicable data on decent work across the different tiers of the supply chains. This approach permits the collection of more granular data disaggregated by gender, age groups, geography, and formal and informal sectors. The survey methodology was tested in a pilot survey targeting the electronics supply chain in Viet Nam, undertaken by the General Statistical Office of Viet Nam in conjunction with the ILO.