Publications and tools

  1. Employer organizations in the governance of TVET and skills systems

    09 July 2020

  2. ILO Toolkit for Quality Apprenticeships - Volume 2: Guide for Practitioners

    22 June 2020

    For developing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating apprenticeship programmes

  3. Quality Apprenticeships in Burkina Faso

    15 May 2020

  4. Supporting the global initiative for decent jobs for youth in the Sahel

    15 May 2020

  5. Quality Apprenticeships: Addressing skills mismatch and youth unemployment

    12 June 2019

    SKILLS for Employment Policy Brief

  6. European Union- ILO Cooperation

    23 May 2019

    Factsheet, May 2019

  7. Tools for Quality Apprenticeships: a Guide for Enterprises

    09 April 2019

  8. Skills for Employment Policy brief – Skills for Migration and Employment

    27 November 2018

  9. Does work-based learning facilitate transitions to decent work?

    26 July 2018

    EMPLOYMENT Working Paper No. 242

  10. ILO Survey Report on the National Initiatives to Promote Quality Apprenticeships in G20 Countries

    04 July 2018

    This report presents the main findings of the ILO survey on national initiatives to promote quality apprenticeships in the G20 member states. It was conducted between September and December 2017 as an ILO initiative to take stock of and widely share good practices in this area.