ILO century project

  1. Sharing knowledge on ILO history

    The ILO will complete its 100 years of existence in 2019. The Century Project has been created to prepare for this anniversary by developing the knowledge of ILO's history and its role in specific historical moments.

Resources for researchers

  1. The ILO is the world’s major resource centre for information, analysis and guidance on the world of work. Research accompanies and reinforces all of the Organization’s practical activities, and the ILO is universally regarded as an authoritative source of statistical information.

Labour market statistics

  1. Labour statistics include the size, structure, characteristics, outputs and contributions of the participants in the labour market and how these change over time.

Database of Conditions of Work and Employment Laws

  1. The Database of Conditions of Work and Employment Laws provides a picture of the regulatory environment of working time, minimum wages and maternity protection in more than 100 countries around the world.

ILO Research Agenda

  1. The purpose of the ILO Global Research Agenda is to identify policy approaches that help improve employment and social outcomes, support recovery from the global financial crisis and boost sustainable economic growth. It covers four main topics:

    1. employment and the quality of jobs
    2. social security
    3. income inequality
    4. international labour standards

Labordoc: Database of publications on the world of work

  1. Labordoc is the ILO Library's database. It provides an ever increasing number of links to online publications available on the Internet, with references and full text access to the world's literature on the world of work.

Thematic resource guides

  1. Resource guides offer a useful starting point for labour-related research. They contain databases, links and other tools to help locate articles, books, reports and other research materials on relevant aspects of the world of work.