Key Indicators of the Labour Market 2015 KILM

4. Employment by sector

The indicator for employment by sector divides employment into three broad groupings of economic activity: agriculture, industry and services. Table 4a presents data for 193 countries for the three sectors as a percentage of total employment. Although data are limited to very few years years in the majority of countries in some particular regions (such as sub-Saharan Africa, for instance), every region is covered.

Harvesting information from international data repositories as well as regional and national statistical sources, the KILM offers data for over 200 countries. The 17 indicators provide detailed information related to 36 data tables, including indicators on employment (occupation, status, sector, hours, etc.), labour underutilization and the characteristics of job seekers, education, wages, labour productivity and working poverty. Taken together, these indicators provide a strong foundation from which to address key questions related to productive employment and decent work.