1. Income from households’ non-SNA production: A review

    01 March 2000

    The objective is to introduce the reader to issues relating to households’ non-SNA production especially in connection with the analysis of the distribution of income and poverty.

  2. Household production and income: some preliminary issues

    01 March 2000

    The present paper aims at contributing, for researchers on household income accounting, some of the experience acquired in the context of national accounting on the monetary valuation of households' non-market production. No attempt is made in this paper at analysing different concepts of household income.

  3. ILO dissemination of international labour statistics on Internet

    01 January 2000

  4. New Methodologies for Collecting Occupational Injury Data

    01 January 2000

  5. Status in Employment: a world survey of practices and problems

    01 January 2000


  1. International definitions and prospects of Underemployment Statistics

    01 November 1999

  2. Estimation of world and regional unemployment

    01 October 1999

    The purpose of the present paper is to describe a possible approach for obtaining world and regional estimates of these indicators. The methodology is applied here on a trial basis for obtaining 1995 unemployment estimates with distinction by sex and broad age group (youth and adult). The data should be considered as preliminary and subject to revision.

  3. Incorporating gender issues in labour statistics

    01 February 1999

    Gender issues relate to the differences and similarities that exist between men and women in relation to their contributions, their conditions of work and life, and their needs, constraints and opportunities. In labour statistics, these aspects need to be reflected in definitions, measurement methods and presentation of results in order to improve the description of the labour market and provide a solid basis for promoting equality between men and women in the world of work.

  4. Labour statistics which are useful for gender concerns

    01 January 1999

  5. Statistics on public sector employment: Methodology, structures and trends

    01 January 1999