1. Informal employment in Namibia 2008

    11 March 2011

    This paper reports on analysis of data from Namibia’s 2008 Labour Force Survey (LFS) so as to describe and compare informal and formal employment in the country. The paper is based on an understanding of informal employment which goes beyond the traditional concept of “informal sector”.

  2. Beyond the measurement of unemployment and underemployment

    11 March 2011

    The report of the ILO Working Group on Labour Underutilization entitled “Beyond Unemployment: Measurement of Other Forms of Labour Underutilization” (ILO 2008) revisits the appropriateness of the current international standards concerning the statistical measurement of employment and unemployment. It suggests that the standard indicator of unemployment is maintained, while at the same time it calls for the introduction of supplementary indicators of various dimensions of underemployment.


  1. Report II - Measurement of working time - 18th International Conference of Labour Statisticians, Geneva, 24 November - 5 December 2008

    02 March 2009

    The International Labour Organization has long been concerned with the regulation of working time as one aspect which has a direct and measurable impact on the health and well-being of working persons, their level of fatigue and stress (and on that of the people close to them). It also has an important impact on productivity levels and labour costs for establishments, and on the general quality of life in all countries.


  1. Measurement of employment, unemployment and underemployment – Current international standards and issues in their application

    30 March 2007


  1. Global and Regional Estimates of Consumer Price Inflation

    01 March 2006

    Presents global and regional estimates of consumer price inflation as produced by ILO Bureau of Statistics in collaboration with the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland.


  1. The First UN Millennium Development Goal: A Cause for Celebration?

    01 February 2005


  1. ILO-Comparable annual employment and unemployment estimates

    01 October 2004

  2. Seventeenth International Conference of Labour Statisticians (ICLS): 80 years of ILO statistical standard setting

    01 January 2004


  1. Statistics on the employment situation of people with disabilities: A Compendium of national methodologies

    01 November 2003

    This Compendium describes the methodologies currently in use in 95 countries to compile statistics on employment status in conjunction with disability.

  2. Measuring public sector employment: a review of some methodological issues

    01 October 2003