Annotated agenda of the 18th International Conference of Labour Statisticians

Agenda | Geneva, Switzerland | 25 July 2008

Agenda Items

1. Report I: General Report

Chapter 1: Statistical work of the ILO during the period 2004-2008, (including details on the Review of employment statistics by the UN Statistical Commission and on the external audit of ILO statistical activities commissioned by the ILO Director-General)

Chapter 2: Updating of the International Standard Classification of Occupations (ISCO)

Chapter 3: Measuring and monitoring decent work

Chapter 4: Indicators of labour underutilization

Chapter 5: Measurement of volunteer work

Chapter 6: Future work of the ILO in labour statistics (2009-2013)

6.1 General

6.2 Development of methods

6.3 Data collection, estimation and dissemination

6.4 Technical cooperation, advisory services and training

6.5 Organization, frequency and duration of the ICLS

2. Report II: Measurement of Working Time

Proposals for international standards relating to the concepts, definitions, data sources, uses and limitations of different measures of working time and working time arrangements.

3. Report III: Measurement of Child Labour

Proposals for international standards relating to the concepts, definitions, data sources, uses and limitations of measures of child labour, including the measurement of hazardous child labour

4. Seminar: Employment and unemployment: Revisiting the relevance and conceptual basis of the statistics

Invited papers, country experiences and panel discussion

Outline of Sessions

1. The chapters of Report I (General Report) will be presented and discussed in plenary sessions from Monday 24 to Friday 28 November. It is possible that as a result of these discussions the Conference will decide to set up Working Groups (WG) on specific topics. In particular, these may include WGs on (a) Labour Underutilization; (b) Decent work; (c) Volunteer Work. These working groups may meet in parallel with Committee Sessions on Working Time and Child Labour, with the first 2 WGs meeting during the first week and the 3rd during the second week. It is also expected that the Conference will accept to create an Advisory Group on Section 6.5 (the future of the ICLS), which will report back to the Plenary towards the end of the 2nd week of the Conference.

2. An overview of Reports II and III will be presented to the Plenary on the first day of the Conference. Thereafter, there will be several Committee Sessions to discuss each of the draft resolutions on these topics. The draft resolution on Measurement of Working Time will be discussed in Committee Sessions during the 1st week of the Conference whilst that on Child Labour will take place during the 2nd week of the Conference. It is expected that the Committees will set up Drafting Committees that will meet at the end of each day of their sitting. These Drafting Committees will be responsible for the final draft resolutions that will be reported in the Committee Report that goes to the Plenary.

3. The Plenary discussion of the Committee reports and adoption of resolutions on working time and child labour will take place respectively on Wednesday, 3rd, and Thursday 4th December. The reports of the working groups and the advisory group on ICLS will also be discussed during these sessions.

4. The seminar will take place on Thursday 4th December, with a possible extension to the first half of the morning of Friday 5th December. It is expected that the seminar will have some papers presented by invited authors, papers on country experiences as well as a panel discussion on the topic.

5. The Report of the Conference will be presented for adoption in the afternoon of Friday 5th December, after having being circulated mid-morning the same day.