Statistical update on employment in the informal economy

The present statistical update presents information compiled for 46 countries from different regions.

Presentation | 13 June 2011
In its most recent survey on employment in the informal economy conducted in the first half of 2011, the ILO collected the most recent data available on key variables from 46 medium and low-income countries.

The two main variables for which data were collected include employment in the informal sector and informal employment, which refer to different aspects of the informalization of employment. Employment in the informal sector is an enterprise-based concept which is defined as jobs in unregistered and/or small unincorporated private enterprises; such enterprises are not constituted as separate legal entities (and are thus not officially registered) and do not maintain a complete set of accounts. Informal employment is a job-based concept and encompasses those jobs that generally lack basic social or legal protections or employment benefits and may be found in the formal sector, informal sector or households.