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Uruguay ratifies the Night Work Convention, 1990 (No. 171)

News | 05 June 2018
On 4 June 2018, the Government of Uruguay deposited with the International Labour Office the instruments of ratification of the Night Work Convention, 1990 (No. 171). Uruguay is 17th member State to have ratified the Convention.

In depositing the instrument of ratification, the Vice Minister of Labor and Social Security, Dr. Nelson Loustaunau, stated: “There is scientific evidence that night work has undesirable effects on the physical and psychological health of those who perform it. For that reason, it is not recommendable to undertake night work. Nevertheless, the current conditions of production, in certain cases, make it necessary and even indispensable. It is for these reasons that our country is ratifying Convention No. 171 with a view to extending the list of instruments to protect those workers who have to work at such times.”

In receiving the instrument of ratification, Mr. Guy Ryder, Director-General of the ILO, stated: “I welcome the ratification by Uruguay of Convention No. 171. This important Convention is the first general ILO instrument regulating conditions of night work. It focuses on the protection of all night workers and workers performing night work, irrespective of gender, in almost all branches and occupations. The Convention allows ratifying States to introduce and apply the specific protective measures that it provides for gradually over a period of time. Among others, the Convention sets forth the following rights either to night workers or to workers performing night work: to undergo a health assessment without charge before and during their assignment; to have access to suitable first-aid facilities at their work place; to be transfer, whenever practicable, to a similar job involving day work in the event that they are certified to be unfit for night work for reasons of health; to be provided with alternatives to night work in case of pregnancy; to receive a special compensation for performing night work; and to be provided with appropriate social services.”

The Convention will enter into force for Uruguay on 4 June 2019, that is, one year after their ratification.