Social Security

The Russian Federation ratifies the major Social Security Convention of the ILO

Russia is the 56th country to ratify Convention No. 102.

News | 11 March 2019
On 26 February 2019, the Russian Federation ratified the Social Security (Minimum Standards) Convention, 1952 (No. 102) which is the main international instrument setting out minimum standards for the establishment and governance of comprehensive social security systems covering all major social risks.

As a result of productive and continued collaboration with the ILO, Russia became the 56th country to ratify Convention No. 102, committing to provide minimum levels of protection with respect to medical care, sickness, old-age, employment injury, maternity, invalidity and survivorship.

Once ratified and implemented by law and applied in practice, Convention No. 102 greatly contributes to strengthening sustainable and adequate social protection of the population as well as poverty alleviation.