Register of lifting appliances and Items of loose gear

Model Form and Certificates as required by Article 25(2) of the ILO Convention concerning Occupational Safety and Health in Dock Work (No. 152), 1979

Article 25(2) of the Occupational Safety and Health (Dock Work) Convention, 1979 (No. 152), requires that “a register of the lifting appliances and items of loose gear shall be kept in a form prescribed by the competent authority, account being taken of the model recommended by the International Labour Office”.

At its 231st Session (November 1985) the Governing Body of the International Labour Office took note of the information supplied by the Office about the preparation of the model referred to above and authorised the Director-General to inform member States that the Model Form of Register and Certificates required by Article 25(2) of Convention 152 are now available.

The new Model Form of Register and Certificates can be used by the competent authority of a member State in prescribing the form provided for in Article 25(2). They replace those drawn up in application of the Protection against Accidents (Dockers) Convention (Revised), 1932 (No. 32), which were standardised and issued by the ILO in 1956.

As in the case of the earlier model documents, they have been prepared in English only. It has been the general practice for the competent national authorities to issue their own Register taking account of the model recommended by the ILO and using the English text of the letter side by side with a translation into their own language.