Maritime Labour Convention

Honduras ratifies the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 (MLC, 2006)

Honduras is the 76th ILO Member State to ratify this landmark Convention.

News | 06 June 2016
On 6 June 2016, the Government of Honduras deposited with the International Labour Office (ILO) the instrument of ratification of the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 (MLC, 2006). Honduras is the 76th ILO Member State to ratify this landmark Convention whose main objectives are to ensure the worldwide protection of the rights of seafarers and to establish a level playing field for countries and shipowners committed to providing decent working and living conditions to seafarers.

The maritime shipping industry is vital to the economy of Honduras, which performs 87% of its international trade through maritime transport. Honduras has under its flag 223 vessels totalling 135,869 gross tonnage. In 2014, the ports of Honduras handled 13.9 million tonnes of cargo, which is nearly 10% of all cargo handled in Central American ports.

In transmitting the instrument of ratification, his excellency, Mr Carlos Alberto Madero Erazo, State Secretary for Labour and Social Security, stated: “The ratification of the Maritime Labour Convention by the State of Honduras through Decree 92-2015 and its depositing with the ILO, cements the foundation in respect of employment, for preserving the jobs of 15,500 fellow compatriots, seafarers working on board for foreign maritime companies, and generates conditions for the progressive access to employment of 23,000 trained seafarers waiting for job opportunities in the international maritime industry.”

In receiving the instrument of ratification, the Director-General, Mr Guy Ryder, stated: “The ratification of the MLC, 2006 by Honduras is an important step forward for the promotion and protection of decent work for seafarers across Central America. This new ratification adds itself to the ratifications by Panama and Nicaragua and will be crucial to ensure fair competition in the Central American maritime shipping industry. I praise the efforts of Honduras to achieve this ratification and I remind the Government and its social partners that the Office remains prepared to offer them assistance as they will be moving from ratification to the effective implementation of the Convention. Finally, as only 9 countries in the Americas have ratified this Convention, I hope that other countries in the region will soon follow the example of Honduras.”

The MLC, 2006 entered into force on 20 August 2013 for the first 30 member States that had registered their ratification by 20 August 2012. The MLC, 2006 will enter into force for Honduras on 6 June 2017, that is, one year after its ratification. For more background information, please visit the dedicated MLC, 2006 webpage.