Maritime Labour Academy


Training of trainers and maritime inspectors on the application of the MLC, 2006 (13 May-7 June 2024)

The online course aims to share information and good practices in the implementation of MLC 2006 as amended, in order to:
  • promote a sound application of the Convention at national and regional level;
  • strengthen the capacity of Competent Authorities to implement the MLC, 2006 by training a core group of inspectors and trainers with a good level of understanding of the Convention and of inspection techniques;
  • enhance cooperation and networking.
Total cost: 2,580€

Online Global Forum on the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006: Current and future development - Fifth edition (2-4 October 2024)

The Global Forum is a three-day learning event providing a unique opportunity for all stakeholders to analyse and discuss recent developments and future prospects for MLC, 2006 labour issues. More specifically, the Forum addresses key aspects of the implementation of the 2014, 2016 and 2018 amendments to the MLC, 2006 and their relevance in the aftermath of COVID-19. The event will provide a well-structured update on technical issues and an interactive platform for open discussion, facilitated by international experts prepared to introduce case studies and good practices.

Total cost: 495€

Online Workshop on National Legal Implementation of the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 (4-22 November 2024)

This workshop focuses on questions that may arise for personnel responsible for implementing the MLC, 2006 in national legal systems. It assumes a good knowledge of the Convention but will also provide an overview of MLC, 2006 requirements and model legal provisions.

Total cost: 895 €