1. Representation – Report of the Tripartite Committee – Ukraine – Convention No. 95

    27 March 2017

    Governing Body (GB.329/INS/20/2), March 2017

  2. Representation – Report of the Tripartite Committee – Peru – Conventions Nos. 29 and 105

    27 March 2017

    Governing Body (GB.329/INS/20/5), March 2017

  3. Representation – Report of the Tripartite Committee – Spain – Convention No. 131

    27 March 2017

    Governing Body (GB.329/INS/20/4), March 2017

  4. 381st Report of the Committee on Freedom of Association (March 2017)

    22 March 2017

  5. Guatemala ratifies the Part-Time Work Convention, 1994 (No. 175)

    01 March 2017

    Guatemala becomes the 17th country to have ratified Convention No. 175

  6. ILO publishes annual report on the application of standards

    08 February 2017

    The Committee of Experts on the Application of Conventions and Recommendations, whose work constitutes the cornerstone of the ILO's supervisory system on international labour standards, has just published its annual report, along with a General Survey on the occupational safety and health instruments concerning the promotional framework, construction, mines and agriculture.

  7. Finland joins renewed fight to end forced labour

    27 January 2017

  8. International Labour Standards Academy

    The ILS Academy is designed to provide knowledge and tools on international labour standards to a varied audience, building bridges and understanding between groups of participants from different professions and regions, all interested in rights at work. To this end, the programme provides a comprehensive range of training courses in the area of ILS.

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    Seafarers and their families now ensured of protection in cases of abandonment, death, and long-term disability

    18 January 2017

    Foreign ships entering the ports of States for which the ILO’s Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 is in force will be inspected for compliance by port State control authorities.

  10. Sri Lanka ratifies the ILO Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 (MLC, 2006)

    12 January 2017

    Sri Lanka is the 81st ILO member State and the 16th Asian State to have ratified the Convention