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Greece ratifies the Promotional Framework for Occupational Safety and Health Convention and the Violence and Harassment Convention

News | 30 August 2021
On 30 August 2021, the Government of Greece deposited with the Director-General of the ILO the instruments of ratification of the Promotional Framework for Occupational Safety and Health Convention, 2006 (No. 187) and the Violence and Harassment Convention, 2019 (No. 190).

In depositing the instruments of ratification, H.E. Mr Panayotis Stournaras, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Greece in Geneva, stated: “It is an honour for me to have the opportunity to present these ratification instruments of two most important ILO Conventions. Greece acknowledges the importance of promoting occupational safety and health and pledges to further enhance its efforts towards fighting violence and harassment, including gender-based violence and harassment, in the world of work and elsewhere. The promotion and protection of human dignity, gender equality and the empowerment of women constitutes one of the core national priorities of the Greek state.”

In receiving the instruments of ratification, Mr. Guy Ryder, Director-General of the ILO, welcomed the ratifications, declaring that:

Promotional Framework for Occupational Safety and Health Convention, 2006 (No. 187)

“Convention No. 187 is one of the key instrument in the field of occupational safety and health. This Convention calls on member States to take specific measures, in consultation with the social partners, towards the progressive achievement of a safe and healthy working environment through the development of a national policy, a national system and a national programme on occupational safety and health. Convention No. 187 also recognizes the importance of developing support mechanisms for a progressive improvement of OSH conditions in micro-enterprises, in SMEs and in the informal economy. In ratifying Convention No. 187, Greece is confirming its commitment to the objective of improving occupational safety and health in a continuous and sustainable manner, with a view to preventing occupational accidents and diseases. Greece is the 55th member State that has ratified this key occupational safety and health instrument.”

Violence and Harassment Convention, 2019 (No. 190)

“Convention No. 190 is the first international treaty to address violence and harassment in the world of work and, together with Recommendation No. 206, it provides a common framework for action. It includes the first international definition of violence and harassment in the world of work, including gender-based violence, and applies to the public and private sectors, formal and informal economies, and urban and rural areas. The Convention requires ratifying member States to adopt, in consultation with representative employers’ and workers’ organizations, an inclusive, integrated and gender-responsive approach to preventing and eliminating violence and harassment, through prevention, protection and enforcement measures and remedies, as well as guidance, training and awareness-raising. It also recognizes the different and complementary roles and functions of governments, employers and workers and their respective organizations, taking into account the varying nature and extent of their responsibilities. By submitting the instrument of ratification, Greece becomes the eighth country in the world, and the first European country, to ratify Convention No. 190.”

To date, Greece has ratified 71 Conventions and 1 Protocol. For further information, see NORMLEX.