Report for the tripartite Meeting of Experts on Forced Labour and Trafficking for Labour Exploitation

Report for discussion at the Tripartite Meeting of Experts concerning the possible adoption of an ILO instrument to supplement the Forced Labour Convention, 1930 (No.29) - Geneva, 11─15 February 2013

Meeting document | 01 February 2013
The conclusions adopted by the International Labour Conference (ILC) at its 101st Session (2012) concerning the recurrent discussion on fundamental principles and rights at work called on the International Labour Office (ILO) to “conduct a detailed analysis, including through the possible convening of meetings of experts to identify gaps in existing coverage of ILO standards with a view to determining whether there is a need for standard setting to: (i) complement the ILO’s forced labour Conventions to address prevention and victim protection, including compensation; and (ii) address human trafficking for labour exploitation”.

At its 316th Session in November 2012, the ILO Governing Body decided to convene a tripartite meeting of experts in February 2013 with the objective of providing recommendations to its 317th Session (March 2013) with respect to a possible standards related item that could be placed on the agenda for the 103rd Session of the ILC in June 2014.

This report presents an overview of law and practice in three areas identified in the 2012 ILC conclusions: prevention of forced labour; victim protection, including compensation; and trafficking for labour exploitation. The report covers examples of existing law and practice in member States from different regions and with different legal systems, traditions and circumstances, and it analyses the measures adopted and the corresponding gaps in the three thematic areas.