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    Olympic Gold Medallist Greg Louganis marks World AIDS Day 2014

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    ILO Youth Employment Programme (YEP)

    The ILO Youth Employment Programme operates through a global network of specialists working in the technical departments across the ILO at its head-quarters in Geneva and in more than 60 offices around the world. It provides assistance to countries in developing coherent and coordinated interventions on youth employment.

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    Youth Employment Crisis: A Call for Action 

    To tackle the global youth employment crisis, the ILO has made a call for action identifying five key policy areas that require everyone to act together and targeting all young people alike.

Photo-story: Migrant workers in Jordan and Lebanon

Many migrant workers around the world suffer from a dearth of fundamental rights at work, including the right to a weekly day off. In the Middle East, some migrants rarely leave their place of work or have the opportunity to meet with fellow workers from their countries. In this photo-reportage, the ILO gives voice to inspiring women and men who choose to use their limited time off to assist fellow migrants in realizing their right to decent work wherever they may be.

* The full names of the workers in this photo-story have been withheld at their request.

South-South cooperation in action