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Syrian refugees in child labour

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    Children's dreams shattered by war 

    Abject poverty is forcing many Syrian refugee families to send their children to work. In Lebanon, host to over a million refugees from Syria, current and former child labourers held a musical and theatrical performance about their plight.

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Global number of children in child labour has declined by one third since 2000, from 246 million to 168 million children.
More than half of children in child labour, 85 million, are in hazardous work (down from 171 million in 2000). Asia and the Pacific has the largest numbers (almost 78 million or 9.3% of child population). Sub-Saharan Africa has the highest incidence of child labour (59 million, over 21%). There are 13 million (8.8%) of children in child labour in Latin America and the Caribbean.
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