ILO Research Paper Series guidelines for submission

Established in 2012, the “ILO Research Papers” Series publishes research papers written by ILO staff, and also by external experts collaborating with the ILO. The papers are analytical and based on robust theoretical and/or empirical research. The length of the papers for submission should be around 8,000 to 10,000 words, excluding annexes, tables and references. Papers can be submitted in any of the three official languages, with an abstract of 100 to 150 words.

The target audience for the ILO Research Paper Series is policy makers, constituents, academia, researchers, media and informed public opinion who are interested in issues relating to the world of work.

The papers are available only in electronic format and not in paper form.

Editorial board

Uma Rani, Coordinator and Editor

The Advisory Board consists of ILO staff of the following departments:
  • Research
  • Conditions of Work 
  • Governance
  • Employment
  • Social Protection


The review and selection of papers for this series will be managed by the editorial board under the overall guidance from the Publishing Committee.

Peer review

The papers are to be submitted to the editorial board who would take a decision about whether the paper could be considered for the series or not. The paper would then be sent for peer-reviewing by the co-ordinator of the editorial board. There will be two peer reviewers per paper, an internal reviewer (within the ILO) and an external reviewer from policy institutions, think-tanks, or academia. Reviewers submit written comments to the co-ordinator; the papers are revised in light of the comments and submitted back to the co-ordinator. The final decision of approving the paper for on-line publication rests with the board.