INTEGRATE Programme: Integrating trade and decent work

  1. The ILO research programme “Integrating trade and decent work” (INTEGRATE) is a multi-donor partnership that follows a more human-centred approach, which means treating decent work as a central objective of trade policy, as called for in the ILO Centenary Declaration for the Future of Work (2019).

Programme Background

The INTEGRATE programme comprises three interdependent, but separate areas:
  • Assessing the distributional effects of trade on the labour market using decent work indicators (under the ASSESS project);
  • Supporting sustainable development through the alignment of trade policies and domestic labour market institutions so as to reduce inequalities, and gaps in social protection and poverty (under the SUPPORT project);
  • Implementing activities to bridge capacity gaps and support policymakers and the social partners in engaging more effectively in dialogue on trade and labour market policies (under the IMPLEMENT project (forthcoming)).