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Labour Provisions in Trade Agreements Hub

The Labour Provisions in Trade Agreements Hub (LP Hub) is a comprehensive, structured compilation of the text of labour provisions in more than 100 bi- and pluri-lateral regional trade agreements (RTAs), which engage about 140 economies. It provides the main data source for information, research, and comparative legal analysis of labour provisions. As such, the Hub is continuously evolving to include additional sources of information and reflect developments of labour provisions in RTAs.

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About the Hub
This publicly available Hub is a unique and valuable tool because it allows you to:
  ► navigate and analyse labour provisions text across trade partners and over time;
► extract data and trends;
► search specific terms; and
► download relevant information.

A key feature of the database is the classification of labour provisions into categories, which lets you locate key terms quickly and accurately within and across agreements.

By classifying labour provisions in RTAs to be accessible and beneficial to policymakers, technical experts, and representatives of workers, employers and civil society, the Hub helps you:

► gain a better understanding of the latest advances in the design and implementation of labour provisions;
► deepen your knowledge of specific approaches and make comparisons across trade partners and regions;
► acquire insight into stakeholder involvement, especially on the part of workers’ and employers’ representatives and civil society representatives; and
► monitor trends in labour provisions, globally and regionally.

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How to cite the Hub
International Labour Organization (2022). ILO Labour Provisions in Trade Agreements Hub (LP Hub). International Labour Organization, Geneva

The LP Hub is a project of the International Labour Organization (ILO), funded and supported by the European Commission and the Government of Flanders.

The Globalization, Competitiveness and Labour Standards Unit within the ILO Research Department initiated the project. Marva Corley-Coulibaly (coordinator), Ira Postolachi and Netsanet Tesfay conceptualized the Hub and developed the underlying framework. Gaia Grasselli supported the analysis of the legal text and the conduction of interviews, and Sajid Ghani supported the data extraction. The IT application development and hosting are managed by ILO INFOTEC. The LP Hub also benefited from extensive consultations with technical and academic experts, including by means of targeted interviews (for further details see the Methodology Paper).

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The LP Hub is regularly updated. If you have questions, suggestions, or corrections, please contact: LPhub@ilo.org.