Papers and briefs

  1. ILO Research Paper No.19

    Foreign trade barriers and jobs in global supply chains

    By Stefan Kühn and Christian Viegelahn

  2. What Works Research Brief No. 8

    How to balance fiscal responsibility with employment objectives?

    By Verónica Escudero and Elva López Mourelo

  3. Research Department Working Paper n°19

    The composition effects of tax-based consolidations on income inequality

    By Gabriele Ciminelli, Ekkehard Ernst, Massimo Giuliodori, and Rossana Merola

Recent research projects

  1. Handbook on assessment of labour provisions in trade and investment

    A short analysis on the design, scope, implementation and effectiveness of labour provisions in a practical and accessible manner.

  2. What works: Active labour market policies in Latin America and the Caribbean

    This report examines the effectiveness of active labour market policies implemented in Latin America.

  1. International Labour Review

    Global multidisciplinary journal of employment and social issues

  2. ILO Century Project

    The Century Project aims to expand and share historical knowledge on the world of work and on the ILO's role in changing political and economic circumstances