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  1. Podcast -

    Rencontres Internationales de Genève
    13 octobre 2014

    Avec, en direct dans "Babylone", l'un des conférenciers des Rencontres Internationales, Raymond Torres, directeur du département de la recherche à l’OIT et le rédacteur en chef du rapport monde du travail depuis 2008.

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Global Research Agenda

The purpose of the ILO Global Research Agenda is to identify policy approaches that help improve employment and social outcomes, support recovery from the global financial crisis and boost sustainable economic growth.

It covers four main topics:
  • employment and the quality of jobs
  • returns on investment in social security
  • inequality, instability and employment
  • international labour standards and socially inclusive globalisation.


  1. Report

    Spain: Growth with jobs

    The aim of the Studies on Growth with Equity series is to show how strong and well-designed employment, labour and social protection measures are central – in combination with supportive macroeconomic policy – to building sustainable, job-rich and equitable growth.

  1. Report

    World of Work 2014: Developing with jobs

    This year’s edition focuses on developing countries and argues that quality jobs are a key driver for development. It draws on evidence from over 140 developing countries and finds that a common factor amongst those countries that have achieved higher per capita income and sustained growth was quality jobs.

  2. Global report

    Global Employment Trends 2014: the risk of a jobless recovery

    The weak global economic recovery has failed to lead to an improvement in global labour markets, with global unemployment in 2013 reaching almost 202 million.

  3. Report

    Tackling the Jobs Crisis in Portugal

    This report analyses employment and social trends in Portugal in the wake of the financial assistance programme agreed with the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the IMF. It also discusses international best practices available to inspire Portugal in its efforts towards cutting unemployment and boosting economic recovery.

  4. Research Paper

    Labour formalization and declining inequality in Argentina and Brazil

    This paper analyses the processes of labour formalization in Brazil and Argentina and its interrelation with the evolution of income inequality over the 2000s. It also contributes to the debates on formalising the informal and how to reduce income inequality.


  1. International Labour Review

    Global multidisciplinary journal of employment and social issues

  2. International Journal of Labour Research

    Recent research on labour and social policies from trade union researchers and academics around the world

  3. International Social Security Review

    International journal on social security/social protection issues



    Database of labour statistics


    Your access to literature on the world of work

  1. International Institute for Labour Studies

    Research arm of the ILO and a centre for advanced studies in the social and labour fields.

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