World Employment and Social Outlook for Youth 2016

The ILO's "World Employment and Social Outlook 2016: Trends for Youth" provides updated figures on global and regional youth unemployment. It also looks at working poverty rates, decent work opportunities in both developed and developing economies as well as gender inequalities and migration trends among young people.

Key findings

  1. Watch the report in short

    The authors of the report, Steven Tobin and Stefan Kuehn explain how young people are doing in the world of work and what their prospects are for the future.

  2. Global youth unemployment is on the rise again

    ILO research shows that after a number of years of improvement, youth unemployment is set to rise in 2016 and young people are disproportionately affected by working poverty.

Focus on

  1. Youth employment: Working poverty and the gender gap

    Work prospects for many young people still keep them in poverty, and if you are a young woman your chances of finding a quality job are even less likely. Authors of the ILO’s World Employment and Social Outlook “Trends for Youth” report, Santo Milasi and Sheena Yoon explain. (Closed Captions available)