Global Reports

World of Work Report

The World of Work Report is the annual flagship report on social trends and the state of labour markets worldwide. It monitors developments with the global crisis, analyses policy responses carried out in both advanced economies and developing countries, including their interaction with macroeconomic settings, and examines how a more sustainable world economy can be achieved.

Global Employment Trends

The annual Global Employment Trends report provides the latest global and regional estimates of employment and unemployment, employment by sector, vulnerable employment, labour productivity and working poverty, while also analyzing country level issues and trends.

Global Wage Report

The Global Wage Report published every two years analyses the latest wage statistics provided by national statistical offices around the world, and provides insights on wage policies based on research projects carried out by the ILO in Geneva, in field offices, or in partnership with academics. The Global Wage Report database is probably the most comprehensive worldwide database on wages and wage inequality currently available.

World Social Protection Report

The World Social Protection Report takes a comprehensive look at how countries are investing in social security, how they are financing it, and how effective their approaches are.