Global Wage Report 2012-13: charts

  1. Regional differences in wages over time

    Table 1

    Cumulative real wage growth worldwide and by region since 2000.

  2. Comparing how wages have changed across the world

    Figure 7

    Annual average real wage growth worldwide and by region.

  3. A snapshot of comparative pay levels around the world

    Figure 8

    International comparison of hourly direct pay for time worked in manufacturing, 2010.

  4. The widening gap between wages and labour productivity

    Figure 36

    Trends in growth in average wages and labour productivity in developed economies.

  1. How much wages have changed around the world, year on year

    Figure 3

    Annual average global real wage growth, with and without China.

  2. Zooming on how wages have changed in each region

    Annual average real wage growth by region.

  3. Changing gap in wages paid to women and men

    Figure 4

    Gender pay gap, 1999–2007 and 2008–11.

  4. What’s your minimum wage worth?

    Figure 28

    Comparing minimum wage levels in selected developed economies.

  5. How wages and profits are being shared out over time

    Figure 31&32

    Change in labour income shares in developing and emerging economies as well as in selected developed economies.