ILO Research Department Training

Evidence-based policy making for trade agreements and labour rights

Emerging evidence from constituents of the Asian region shows that there is a large gap in the capacity of the tripartite decision makers on how to better integrate trade within the labour rights issues. ILO’s constituents are requesting assistance in addressing the implications of trade liberalization arrangements on employment, ILS and decent work. The training will provide assistance to constituents in both the use and generation of relevant evidence from a variety of sources, including not only ILO but also national and local sources, including evidence generation through data and metadata analysis. The aim of this online training is to build capacities of ILO’s tripartite constituents using case studies, research papers, guidelines, publicly available online ILO data, other data and information sources for permitting them to comprehend and assess the interrelationship between international trade, ILS and decent work. This training is targeted to policy makers and policy influencers from the Asian region representing the trade unions and workers, employers representatives as well as government officials from various ministries.