World of Work magazine issues


  1. World of Work Magazine n°70, December 2010 - Promoting a recovery focused on jobs

    01 December 2010

    This issue of the ILO magazine focuses on the current economic recovery and also features stories from the world of work: The state of the world of work, Green jobs in construction, Youth employment...

  2. World of Work Magazine n°69, August 2010 - The fight against child labour: Moving into a higher gear

    01 August 2010

    This issue of the ILO magazine focuses on the fight against child labour and also features stories from the world of work: Green jobs, cooperatives and the crisis, ILO at the G20...

  3. World of Work Magazine n°68 - April 2010: Decent work for domestic workers

    01 April 2010

    World of Work magazine is published three times a year by the Department of Communication and Public Information of the ILO in Geneva and distributed free of charge. This 68th edition focuses on Domestic work but also contains news from the world of work.


  1. Magazine World of Work 67, December 2009: Social security as a crisis response; Ageing societies; Extending health care...

    22 December 2009

  2. Magazine World of Work 66, August 2009: Global Jobs Pact; The many facets of the crisis; ILC, 2009: ILO Jobs Summit

    01 August 2009

  3. Magazine World of Work 65, April 2009: ILO Gender Equality Campaign 2008–09; Maternity protection; Education; Social dialogue; Work/family balance...

    01 April 2009


  1. Magazine World of Work 64, December 2008: The ILO at 90, Working for social justice; The Decent Work Agenda; Income inequalities...

    01 December 2008

  2. World of Work 63, August 2008 - Decent work = Safe work: Occupational safety and health at work; Saving lives, protecting jobs: HIV/AIDS and the world of work...

    01 August 2008

  3. World of Work 62, April 2008 - Better business: Multinationals and Decent Work; Contracts in the cleaning industry; Child labour...

    15 April 2008


  1. World of Work 61, Dec. 2007 - The end of child labour: Millions of voices, one common hope - From child labour to education...

    03 December 2007