Special 2016 issue

World of Work magazine: Working out of poverty

This year’s edition of the World of Work magazine highlights themes discussed by the ILO’s 105th International Labour Conference (ILC), including poverty.

The ILO has made the End to Poverty one of its seven Centenary Initiatives to mark its 100th Anniversary in 2019. We know that work is the best route out of poverty. But one cannot legislate employment in and poverty out. It is a long and complex process that requires all elements of society to work together.

Breaking the cycle of poverty is about creating a new cycle of opportunity and local wealth creation. Young people play a key role in this process as our main story from Tunisia in the magazine shows. The transition from school to work, from childhood to adult life, can determine a person’s chances of escaping poverty.

However, fighting poverty is not only about youth. Decent and productive jobs are needed for all generations of workers. Sustainable enterprises and economic transformation play a key role in reducing poverty here as the following story from Timor-Leste illustrates.

More features in this magazine look at the other issues discussed at the ILC: Decent work in global supply chains, a revision of ILO Recommendation 71 on employment and decent work for resilience, and amendments to the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC).