Working papers


  1. Constructing a map of the world of work: How to develop the structure and contents of a national standard classification of occupations

    01 July 1995

    This Working Paper presents practical guidelines for those who want to develop a National Standard Classification of Occupations (NSCO) with definitions and descriptions of the component groups.

  2. Social Finance Working Paper #10: Expansion of rural financial services

    01 June 1995

    The development of a community-based rural credit union network in the Dominican Republic (1984-1993)

  3. Social Finance Working Paper #9: Monitoring guidelines for semi-formal financial institutions active in small enterprise finance

    01 April 1995

  4. What kind of work do you do? Data collection and processing strategies when measuring "occupation" for statistical surveys and administrative records

    01 February 1995

    This Working Paper presents practical guidelines for those who want to register the characteristic (variable) "occupation" in a statistical survey or on administrative records.


  1. Social Finance Working Paper #2: Tontines and the banking system

    01 April 1994

    Is there a case for building linkages?


  1. Occupational safety and health in the food and drink industries

    01 August 1993

    It is the intention of this working paper to contribute to the efforts made in the food and drink industries throughout the world to come to grips with their safety and health problems. It is hoped that the information provided on the problems encountered and the preventive measures adopted in some ILO member States will be of use to officials, managers and workers in countries which are experiencing similar problems and seeking appropriate solutions. Working papers are preliminary material circulated to stimulate discussion and critical comments.


  1. Integrated framework for the measurement of working time

    01 January 1992