Working papers


  1. Publication

    Social Finance Working Paper #20: International labour standards and microfinance

    01 June 1998

    A review

  2. Publication

    Social Finance Working Paper #19: The use of control groups in impact assessments for microfinance

    01 May 1998

  3. International Migration Papers No. 27

    The effectiveness of integration policies towards immigrants and their descendants in France, Germany and the Netherlands

    15 April 1998

  4. International Migration Papers No. 26

    Illegal migration and integration low- and middle-income countries: Towards an evaluation of the effectiveness of migration policies

    30 March 1998

  5. International Migration Papers No. 25

    Protecting migrants and ethnic minorities from discrimination in employment: the Danish experience

    16 March 1998

  6. International Migration Papers No. 24

    Labour immigration and integration in low- and middle-income countries: towards an evaluation of the effectiveness of migration policies

    02 March 1998

  7. International Migration Papers No. 23

    Discrimination in access to employment on grounds of foreign origin: The case of Belgium

    18 February 1998

  8. Publication

    Of nets and assets - Effects and impacts of employment-intensive programmes - A review of the ILO experience

    01 January 1998

    Socio-Economic Technical Papers (SETP) No. 1


  1. Publication

    Stress prevention for blue-collar workers in assembly-line production

    31 December 1997

    Assembly-line work is often performed in a workplace environment with physical problems, such as noise, vibrations and dangerous machines, which can be an important stress factor. This paper is aimed at providing concrete advice on how to prevent stress in assembly-line work.

  2. Publication

    Glossary of Industrial Relations and related terms

    17 July 1997

    This glossary defines a range of common industrial relations terms. Its objective is to provide a basic introduction to such terms for persons who are relatively unfamiliar with industrial relations, particularly as it operates in a market-oriented economy.