Working papers


  1. Productivity, wages and unions in Japan

    31 March 2016

  2. The introduction of a minimum wage for domestic workers in South Africa

    31 March 2016

  3. Non-standard forms of employment in Uganda and Ghana

    29 March 2016

  4. The IMF and the social dimensions of growth : a content analysis of recent Article IV surveillance reports 2014-2015

    24 March 2016

    EMPLOYMENT Working Paper No. 202

  5. Do public employment services improve employment outcomes? Evidence from Colombia

    11 March 2016

    The paper assesses the effects of participation in the Public Employment Service (PES) in Colombia by means of propensity score matching.

  6. A review of the effectiveness of Active Labour Market Programmes with a focus on Latin America and the Caribbean

    11 March 2016

  7. The Public Employment Service in the Republic of Korea

    22 February 2016

    EMPLOYMENT Working Paper No. 192

  8. Export-led development, employment and gender in the era of globalization

    16 February 2016

    EMPLOYMENT Working Paper No. 197

  9. Social Dialogue in the Railways Sector

    08 February 2016

    The scope of this manual is conflict prevention, thus involving the preparation and identification of different steps and processes for social dialogue with an emphasis on the railways sector.

  10. What Does the Minimum Wage Do in Developing Countries? A Review of Studies and Methodologies

    14 January 2016