Working papers


  1. Forced and compulsory labour in international human rights law

    05 February 2015

    This paper takes a historical approach examining how the understanding of the scope of slavery and forced and compulsory labour, as well as other forms of compelled labour, has evolved.

  2. The organization of working time and its effects in the health services sector: A comparative analysis of Brazil, South Africa and the Republic of Korea

    28 January 2015

  3. At work but earning less: Trends in decent pay and minimum wages for young people

    19 January 2015

    EMPLOYMENT Working Paper No. 162


  1. Is there a trade-off between employment and productivity?

    18 December 2014

    EMPLOYMENT Working Paper No. 167

  2. Labour demand and social dialogue: Two binding constraints for decent work for youth in the Arab Region

    18 December 2014

    EMPLOYMENT Working Paper No. 164

  3. Tobacco Sector - Employment Statistical Update

    15 December 2014

    In 2003 the ILO organized a Tripartite Meeting on the Future of Employment in the Tobacco Sector. The meeting highlighted the importance of timely information in order to monitor significant changes in employment trends and working conditions in the tobacco sector and called upon the Office to undertake further research to keep ILO constituents informed about emerging changes affecting the labour market in this sector.

  4. The role of central banks in meeting the development and employment challenges: The case of Mozambique

    04 December 2014

    EMPLOYMENT Working Paper No. 165

  5. Job quality in segmented labour markets: The Israeli case Country case study on labour market segmentation

    01 December 2014

  6. Promoting youth employment through activation strategies

    24 November 2014

    EMPLOYMENT Working Paper No. 163

  7. A chronology of employment protection legislation in some selected European countries

    17 November 2014