Working papers


  1. Growth with equity in Singapore: Challenges and prospects

    28 March 2014

  2. Deregulating labour markets: how robust is the analysis of recent IMF working papers?

    21 March 2014

  3. Analysis of employment, real wage, and productivity trends in South Africa since 1994

    13 March 2014

  4. In search of good quality part-time employment

    13 March 2014

  5. Poverty, Inequality and Employment in Chile

    03 March 2014

  6. The use of working time-related crisis response measures during the Great Recession

    25 February 2014

  7. Labour markets and the recruitment industry: Trends, challenges and opportunities

    30 January 2014

    This paper reviews trends in global labour markets and their implications for the international recruitment industry.

  8. Review of country specific regulatory and policy framework related to international recruitment industry and identifying best policy options and mechanisms to ensure exemplary behavior of recruitment agencies: A desk review

    30 January 2014

    Outflow of people across international boundaries of States seeking foreign employment has increasingly become a global phenomenon as a viable source of potentially beneficial and important socio economic character for most of the labour sending and receiving countries.


  1. Cash transfer programmes, poverty reduction and empowerment of women: A comparative analysis

    23 December 2013

    This comparative analysis aims to help the ILO generate new thinking on ways to improve the impact of cash transfer programmes on women's poverty alleviation and economic empowerment. Key findings relate to selected cash transfer programmes from five countries: Brazil, Chile, India, Mexico and South Africa.

  2. Living and working conditions in inland navigation in Europe

    20 December 2013

    This study explores various aspects of the inland navigation in the European region, addressing all the essential aspects in relation to the working and living conditions of the crews, including relevant laws and regulations, occupational safety and health, social security and enforcement, etc.