Working papers


  1. Sectoral dimensions of employment targeting

    23 February 2015

    EMPLOYMENT Working Paper No. 166

  2. Are active labour market policies effective in activating and integrating low-skilled individuals? : An international comparison

    23 February 2015

  3. Strategies for sectoral training and employability in India: Case studies of the IT/ITES and automotive sectors

    15 February 2015

    The study underlines the importance of social partner involvement in the elaboration of sectoral skills strategies and ever evolving changes in skill needs. It also emphasizes the importance of sound recruitment and training practices, training strategies, and decent working conditions for TVET personnel. TVET strategies and systems are critically important components of comprehensive approaches to promote youth employability and ensure that training matches current demand in labour markets as well as future needs of developing sectors. It is hoped that the experience of India can provide useful insights for policymakers and social partners in developing such strategies in their own countries.

  4. Cooperating out of Isolation: The Case of Migrant Domestic Workers in Lebanon, Jordan and Kuwait

    12 February 2015

    While countries globally are moving towards recognizing domestic workers under their labour legislation, limited protection is provided to more than two million domestic workers working and living in the Middle East. The majority of these workers are migrant women and while for many of them, migration is an enriching experience, others face a journey of fear and unfair treatment.

  5. Modern slavery: the concepts and their practical implications

    05 February 2015

    This paper takes a historical approach examining important differences between individual and systemic cases of coercion which necessitate distinct legal and policy responses.

  6. Forced and compulsory labour in international human rights law

    05 February 2015

    This paper takes a historical approach examining how the understanding of the scope of slavery and forced and compulsory labour, as well as other forms of compelled labour, has evolved.

  7. The organization of working time and its effects in the health services sector: A comparative analysis of Brazil, South Africa and the Republic of Korea

    28 January 2015

  8. At work but earning less: Trends in decent pay and minimum wages for young people

    19 January 2015

    EMPLOYMENT Working Paper No. 162


  1. Is there a trade-off between employment and productivity?

    18 December 2014

    EMPLOYMENT Working Paper No. 167

  2. Labour demand and social dialogue: Two binding constraints for decent work for youth in the Arab Region

    18 December 2014

    EMPLOYMENT Working Paper No. 164