Working papers


  1. A case study of Thai migrant workers in Sweden

    05 June 2012

    A case study of Thai migrant workers exploited in Sweden is one of the two case studies produced under the International Labour Organization–European Union Project Going Back–Moving On: Economic and Social Empowerment of Migrants, including Victims of Trafficking, Returned from European Union and Neighbouring Countries (2009-12).

  2. Tackling the youth employment crisis: A macroeconomic perspective

    04 June 2012

    Employment Working Paper No. 124

  3. Working time, health, and safety: A research synthesis paper

    28 May 2012

  4. Preliminary assessment of training and retraining programmes implemented in response to the Great Recession

    21 May 2012

    Employment Working Paper No. 122

  5. Regional Trade Agreements and domestic labour market regulation

    11 May 2012

    Employment Working Paper No. 120

  6. Labour Reform in Italy and its implications for Labour Administration

    09 May 2012

    This paper is intended to present the highlights of the recent labour market reform in Italy, as proposed by the Monti Government in April 2012. The reform deals with the entire spectrum of topical issues concerning the modernization of the labour market in the country with a view to aligning the system to other European countries.

  7. Strategies for unions to provide benefits and financial services to workers: Experiences in the United States

    08 May 2012

    Employment Working Paper No. 121

  8. Working Paper No. 36: "Non-standard workers: Good practices of social dialogue and collective bargaining"

    26 April 2012

    This paper provides a comparative synthesis analysis of a series of national studies on non-standard work, collective bargaining and social dialogue in selected countries (Argentina,Colombia, India, Indonesia, Hungary, Japan and South Africa), which the Industrial and Employment Relations Department (DIALOGUE) of the ILO has conducted as a pilot project under the ILO’s Global Product on “Supporting collective bargaining and sound industrial relations”. The national studies aimed at identifying current and emerging non-standard forms of work arrangements within which workers are in need of protection; examining good practices in which people in non-standard forms of work are organized; analysing the role that collective bargaining and other forms of social dialogue play in improving the terms and conditions as well as the status of non-standard workers; and identifying good practices in this regard.

  9. Globalization, trade unions and labour standards in the North

    26 April 2012

    Employment Working Paper No. 119

  10. International Labour Standards and Guiding Principles on Labour Administration and Labour Inspection

    25 April 2012

    This Working Document presents selected International Labour Conventions and Recommendations as well as guiding principles concerning Labour Administration and Labour Inspection. The relevant resolutions and conclusions of various ILO regional conferences and meetings have also been included.