Meeting documents

May 2015

  1. Provisional Record No.3-1

    Cook Islands’ application for membership - Background paper

    29 May 2015

  2. Meeting document

    Delegates' Guide to the 104th session of the International Labour Conference

    29 May 2015

  3. Meeting document

    Declaration Concerning the Loss of a Badge

    27 May 2015

  4. Meeting document

    Departure and Substitute Information

    27 May 2015

  5. Provisional Record No.1

    Report of the Chairperson of the Governing Body to the International Labour Conference for the year 2014–15

    27 May 2015

  6. Provisional Record No.2

    Suspension of various provisions of the Standing Orders of the Conference

    25 May 2015

  7. Meeting document

    Election of the Officers of the Governing Body for 2015-16

    22 May 2015

  8. Meeting document

    Approval of the minutes of the323rd Session of the Governing Body

    22 May 2015

  9. Report of the Director-General

    Report of the Director-General - The future of work centenary initiative

    15 May 2015

    This Report proposes a three-stage implementation plan and discusses the types of issues that could make up four “centenary conversations”, which would give preliminary shape to the initiative, feeding into a high-level commission and then the 108th Session (2019) of the Conference.

  10. Meeting document

    Agenda, Programme, Financial and Administrative Section

    14 May 2015